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My obsession with marine biology and art emerged since infancy, and has flourished into a solid academic background. Nourished by the diverse environments as I grew up in Taiwan, my art is said to be organic and dynamic, with firm intentions, and immersed in the breeze of Austronesian and East Asian culture. With a curious and creative mind, I am eager to unveil the little-known natural world to all of you—unconventionally, from science illustrations, designs, to crafts.

  • Science Illustration Program, California State University, Monterey Bay (2018)

  • M. S. in Marine Biology and Fisheries, Institute of Oceanography, National Taiwan University (台大海洋研究所海洋生物與漁業組), Taipei, Taiwan (2016)

  • B. S. in Life Science, National Taiwan University (台大生命科學系), Taipei, Taiwan (2014)

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